Thanks to Fibrant’s gigabit internet speeds!
Tourists love Salisbury and they move information at the speed of light in Gig City. Physically located in the heart of North Carolina, the city is the heart of this beautiful state, with breathtaking natural beauty in a sophisticated comfortable historic downtown. Family-oriented activities, arts and culture, unique shopping experiences – you’ll find it all in tech-savvy Salisbury, NC.
Downtown Salisbury Inc. keeps the city vibrant. The city, more than 250 years old, successfully combines the historic with the modern, including top tier fiber optic infrastructure, for just the right touch – to satisfy customers and merchants alike. Businesses work together to promote city pride for the betterment of all. There is always something going on in Downtown Salisbury.
Rowan Works, our economic development tool, promotes our fiber-optic infrastructure, the fastest in the state, along with our wealth of water; a skilled, trained, and ready- to-work workforce; and our easily assessable infrastructure, including rail, Interstate 85 and regional and international airports.
Fibrant makes Salisbury “America’s Gig City.” Our top tier fiber-optic infrastructure is the fastest in the state with speeds up to 1 gigabit. Salisbury offers businesses state-of-the-art fiber optic tech service of both unparalleled speed and consistency.