Gigabit Internet for Business

Fibrant delivers at 1 gigabit speed to small business owners, telecommuters and large corporations. It’s the best option for business, and at an affordable price. Fibrant’s state-of-the-art service offers unparalleled speed and consistency – anywhere in the city. Tech support comes from professionals right here in “Gig City,” Salisbury, who care about bringing the best service to the area.

Computer Servers

Fiber optic technology provides greater security for your data, and better dependability than copper wire network services. The speeds are up to 100 times faster, perfect for high-definition teleconferencing! Once installed at your business, Fibrant is upgraded by changing the electronics that create the light pulses, not by replacing the cable itself. The result is less disruption of your business.

What is a Gigabit City?

For businesses looking to setup high-bandwidth operations on a fully-functional 1 gigabit network, Salisbury is the only city in the region that offers that opportunity. Entrepreneurs can innovate, expand and prosper on this broadband platform of the future. Compared to the national average, 1 gigabit Internet speeds are 100x faster.