Commercial Carpet Cleaning Phoenix

Professional offices and businesses need to keep up on the aesthetics of their office. This is very important for keeping clients and customers as well as receiving wonderful reviews. Keeping up appearances can help your business significantly because it will feel comfortable and clean. Where does one go when looking for a professional carpet cleaner for their business though? I am here to share with you information on the best commercial carpet cleaning company in Phoenix, Arizona.

Chem-Dry Understands Your Clients

Our clients all come from different places and all are going through different situations. Many of your clients may have allergies or are sensitive to chemicals. Chem-Dry understands these possibilities and has taken them into consideration. The cleaning method that Chem-Dry uses provides a deep clean that lasts for 6 months to a year and supplies your commercial business with gorgeous results. 
Chem-Dry uses top quality cleaning solutions that are 100% green certified. This means that the cleaning solutions used contain zero toxins or chemicals within them so it is safe for children, pets, or individuals with weaker immune systems. This cleaning solution works wonderfully in business offices as well as doctor offices. 
The green certified cleaning solution also has many other benefits in regards to health for your work team and clients. This solution removes 98% of all allergens from your commercial carpet as well as 89% of airborne allergens within the office. Not only will the carpets be safer but the air within your business will be also. This is wonderful for any business because allergies are so prevalent within Arizona. This cleaning solution will ease the symptoms of allergies making your office safe and healthy.

Quick Dry Time

Many carpet cleaning companies end up saturating your carpets with a ton of water. This causes your carpets to become prone for mold or mildew which can become detrimental for your health. Overly wet carpets also take about a day or two to dry which takes away from time in which the business can stay open, therefore losing potential clients. 
Chem-Dry uses 70-80% less water than steam cleaners which results in dry carpets within just 1-2 hours. Excess water is also removed from the commercial carpet at the end of the cleaning for a quicker dry time. Due to the minimal amount of water used on your commercial carpets there is no opportunity for mold or mildew to form within them making your business cleaner and safer. Your business will be clean and ready to open right away. 

The Deep Hot Water Carbonation Extraction Cleaning Process

Commercial carpet requires extra care because it is thinner than residential carpeting. With this understanding, Chem-Dry takes extra precaution to ensure the best clean without causing any damage to the carpet. Every cleaning includes pre-treatment which helps remove traffic areas, spots and stains. This tends to be very common within businesses because of the heavy traffic the office sees daily. 
chem-dry phoenix
chem-dry phoenix
The cleaning involves a technician coming into the office and spraying down a pre-treatment to help remove any of those traffic areas, spots and stains then the solution is mixed. The green certified cleaning solution is mixed with a small amount of water and then heated to a high temperature of 220 degrees. At this level of heat, carbonation bubbles form to dirt, allergens, debris and more so that they can easily be removed during the extraction process. These bubbles raise the dirt to the top of the carpet so they can be sucked out and removed entirely. Once all of the dirt is removed then your carpets are complete and ready to walk on in just 1-2 hours. 

Is Your Business Carpet Prone To Getting Stained?

If your commercial carpet seems to get stained and dirty quickly, Chem-Dry has a solution. You can choose to apply a protectant to your cleaning which helps keep your commercial carpet cleaner longer. This will prevent traffic areas and even spills in the break room or conference room. This also makes it much easier to vacuum the carpet in between professional cleanings. Dirt will not burry itself within the carpet fiber so a vacuum can easily remove it and keep your carpets looking beautiful and clean. 

Do You Work In An Industry Where Health Is Imperative? 

Many business such as hospitals or doctors offices require a very health conscious carpet cleaning due to being within the health industry. Sanitizer is a wonderful addition for a business that this is imperative for. Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs within your carpet and keeps the area and your clients healthy. This is essentially a hand sanitizer for your carpets which is great when dealing with sick individuals or those with weaker immune systems. 

Does Your Business Need A Fragrance Pick Me Up?

If you want your business to have a fresh clean and vibrant scent at the end of your cleaning then you can speak to the technician about adding a deodorizer to your cleaning. Your entire office will smell of summer breeze which is a fresh and fun scent that lasts for weeks on end. Say goodbye to those air fresheners or candles in the office. 

Chem-Dry 6 Days A Week

Many businesses are open five days a week which makes it difficult to find time to have a professional carpet cleaner out. Luckily, Chem-Dry is open Monday-Saturday so you can get your commercial carpet cleaned on a day in which you are regularly closed. You will not need to miss out on any clients because Chem-Dry will work with your schedule to ensure you are available. You can call or email Chem-Dry to find a day to get your commercial business cleaned that works best for you. 

Chem-Dry Alternate Cleaning Services

If your office furniture needs a good deep clean then Chem-Dry can do this for you as well. Chem-Dry is much more than a carpet cleaning company. These technicians also specialize in upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, area rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning. Your entire office will look brand new once these professionals give it a good cleaning. It is the Chem-Dry cleaning to provide cleaner, healthier and safer results to your cleaning requirements. Make a friend in the cleaning business with Chem-Dry and give your business a fresh, clean, new look.