High Speed Residential Internet

Fibrant delivers the fastest technology at an affordable price to homes throughout “America’s Gig City.” Fibrant meets the demands of today, and the future, with reliability. Fibrant is staffed by local professionals who care about bringing the best possible service to the area.

People in front of a computer

Fiber optic technology provides greater security for your data, and better dependability than traditional copper wire network services. With up to 1 gigabit upload/download speeds, the competition just can’t compete! Once Fibrant is installed, upgrades are completed by changing the electronics that create the light pulses, not replacing the cable itself. Residents have just one utility bill for all city services: water, sewer, trash, recycling AND Fibrant.

Did You Know?

50 times faster than what most people have in their homes

A high-definition movie is available in 18 seconds, not the 30-minute download that is typical